May 8 - 2020

Vol. LXVII No.5

President's Report
Football Update
At some stage next week there will be an announcement from the authorities with a proposed date for a resumption of training and return to play for Community Football. An update around timings for a resumption of activity at Community level, will be provided once the roadmap for the elite competition has been announced. Pleasingly, Governments across Australia are well aware that it will be vital for local sport to resume and re-connect support networks that are currently stretched or not operating. The VAFA will liaise with other metropolitan competitions before making competition announcements.
We continue to focus on being aligned with the advice of the Government and the relevant medical authorities and are ensuring everything we do protects the health and safety of our participants and wider community. We thank you for your patience and ongoing collaboration as the planning continues to evolve, and we look forward to being able to provide a more detailed update to you following the announcement next week.

Club Update
In recent weeks and through these challenging times, we have seen so many people and businesses having to adapt. Our club has been no different. I am pleased to report the value of what we deliver to our community, while looking different, has been at the forefront of our thinking.
I thank our community for responding so positively over the last two months to the very difference environment. I particularly thank our OSFC Executive team of Gus McQueen, Jeff Halsall, Graeme Lavelle, Donald McDonald, David McCleery and Peter Simpson who have strongly committed to ensuring that the club navigates the difficult times as best as it can, planning for various contingencies and outcomes which change readily. I also thank Donald and the Football Department for engaging so proactively with our playing group. If we are to play I sense that we will be ready to go and anything is possible.

Also, in the weeks ahead I look forward to sharing some exciting news about the facilities at McQueen Park….

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge the bravery, sacrifice and hard work of the countless people around the country who are keeping Australia running. Our club has been direct beneficiaries of the Federal and State Government relief packages. They should duly be acknowledged for the proactive actions they took at the outset of this pandemic. Both Governments will now be formal Community Club partners for 2020 and this week I will be writing to the Federal Treasurer and Premier to thank them for their vital assistance. I also thank Coral Ross and the City of Boroondara for waiving all ground fee costs for season 2020, irrespective if we play or not.

I also think it is timely to thank the medical professionals, healthcare workers and hospital staff who are tackling COVID-19 head on. You are inspiring us all and are true heroes.

We are doing everything we can to ensure we continue to keep everyone informed and connected via our website and social media platforms, with an array of content from all facets of the club. As more information becomes available, we will ensure you are kept up to date.

In the meantime, we ask the entire Old Scotch Football Club family to continue to follow the advice of the health authorities and  stay safe, and stay strong!

ANZAC Day Commemoration
Ian Bonnitcha very kindly, and with great professionalism, put together a moving tribute to the Scotchies who fought for our freedom in World War 1. If you haven’t seen it is well worth a look:

In the meantime, stay well and keep supporting each other.
Tim Shearer
President, Old Scotch Football Club
The OSFC Team of the 2000's
Well didn’t this cause a stir! Many toys have had to be retrieved from many cots as outrage abounded at some of the omissions. Tristan Beranger’s phone was running hot. Any calls directed to me were quickly redirected to Tristan…!!!
As previously alluded to a few names from the original team didn’t qualify as they hadn’t played the requisite games….Matt Dennis and Andrew Pugsley were duly dumped and Tristan, after taking on board the large amount of very useful and polite feedback received, has now come up with the following:
President’s note: Interesting to see he found room for himself on the extended bench….!!!!
Andrew Quail Interview from New York
Andrew, you and your family have been firmly entrenched in The Big Apple for over a decade, yet you continue to support Old Scotch as a foundation member from so far away. Why? 
I strongly believe it’s important to support the organizations that help our youth grow up into the people they’ve become. Old Scotch was a big part of moulding me into the person I am today. I formed many lifelong friendships as well as learned some very valuable life lessons. I accept that life that our lives our transient in but that is not a reason to support the club and help promote the same culture we were all lucky enough to grow up in. It’s my belief this is what breeds success. Frankly, I just really want to see the club back in A Grade consistently and win premierships.

You finished VCE at Scotch College in 2000, then completed a commerce degree at Melbourne University. In 2007, you joined Goldman Sachs JBWere as a research analyst and from 2010 you moved to New York. You played 151 games for Old Scotch. That is a huge effort ! Didn’t we have a reserves team then?
Haha. Yeah some how I managed to sneak onto the Seniors team sheet. We had some very good teams in the 2000’s and were probably stiff a couple of times not to get to the big dance. Clubs performances obviously vary given the talent of the group at any certain time but the successful ones are the clubs that can maintain the high standards for long periods of time. Winning premierships always helps.

What are some of your best memories?
I still remember my first and last games plus a few milestones along the way. But my best memories are just being around the boys after a hard-fought win and cold wet Thursday nights down at Camberwell eating half-cooked lasagne listening to the teams being read out. Should probably mention the footy junkets too not that I could remember much after touching down.

What are you doing with yourself in NYC?
The past few years I have been working at a New York based hedge fund trying to make sense of global markets. Definitely keeps me busy as I am watching equities all over the world pretty much around the clock.

Tell us about your family? Is your wife an import or an export?
Married a Brissy girl who still supports the Broncos. We got married in the New York in 2014. We have two young kids, Billy (4) and Georgie (0.6). Billy is all set to begin at Scotch in a few years and I can’t wait to take him down to Camberwell on Saturday afternoon.

I am told you follow the Hawks. Who is your favourite player of all-time?
Throw a blanket over Dunstall, Sam Mitchell, Hodgey, Crawf and Buddy. But I think Dunstall is the greatest player in the history of the game.

Somebody told me that our President, Tim Shearer visited you not so long ago. Was he nice to you, and who paid for dinner? 
I’ll let TS answer the last part. But we definitely shared a man-love moment at the Billy Joel concert in Madison. We are all extremely lucky to have such a passionate, energetic and persuasive guy like TS as our Pres. When are you coming home Andrew ? We miss you. Bringing up two kids in a NYC shoebox isn’t ideal, especially when you call a place like Melbourne home. So be careful what you wish for…

Thank you for giving up your time to talk to us.

Welcome back to this year’s edition of “Crackers Chronicles”. Each week in this column we will trace some of the history of the Old Scotch Football Club by recounting the contributions made by some of our club members. 

World War II Fallen Heroes
The Old Scotch Collegians Football Club was not founded until 1921, so it had no players engaged in World War I. However, while were researching the history of the Old Scotch Football Club, John Bell and I became aware that our Club did lose a number of its players during World War II. This week we focus on our brave past players that served in World War II and paid the ultimate price ...

Click here to read the full story of our World War II Fallen Heroes...

Next week we will look at our premiership players.
I welcome any feedback to
James ‘Jock’ McHale is widely regarded as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, coach in Australian football history. Originally rejected by Collingwood, he went on to play 261 games with the Magpies from 1903 to 1920. He coached the club in an incredible 714 games from 1912 to 1949, winning eight premierships. (McHale’s greatness as a coach is reflected in the fact that Collingwood has won only three further premierships in the seven decades since his retirement.) A strict disciplinarian, McHale was ahead of his time in advocating the twin benefits of diet and year-round training.

Items for ‘Asho's Archives' come from Jim Main’s Our Game – Classic Aussie Rules Stories.
To get our house in order we need your support
In the lead up to our Centenary Anniversary in 2021, and particularly during these difficult times, now more than ever, your support is vital. The Committee has stressed that we all rally at the call, and the entire Old Scotch community get behind the club. 
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In these extraordinary times we are calling on all supporters to either buy a membership or at the very least make a donation and the good news is that all payments are tax deductible.

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Greg Winnett, Chairman & Partner of Accru Player Sponsor of Gene van den Broek

Accru, and my family are delighted to support this outstanding young man. We first met Gene at Glen Iris Gladiators who happened to coach one of my sons, and have been following his progress ever since.

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If you’re looking for award winning financial advice, I would be happy to make sure you are well looked after and don’t forget to mention our mutual connection, Gene.
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