August 26 - 2020

Vol. LXVII No.13

President's Report
As we pass the half way mark of stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne I hope this finds you and your families as well as you possibly can be. Off the field we are using this time to best prepare the club for its centenary year. If you would like to assist the club by being an OSFC centenary decade representative please don’t hesitate to contact me. Decade reps will have input into the club’s program of centenary events as well as rally the troops to the planned activities and events…that is, of course, if we can have them! Bruce Brown, Geoff McCracken and John Bell are putting the finishing touches to the club’s centenary history, which will be launched on the club’s 100th anniversary of its first game on 7 May 2021. We will be sure to keep you updated as this, and other milestones, approach.
I take opportunity to thank those who have joined the club in this difficult year. My personal plea to those who haven’t is please do. While this year has been hard, I sense next year will be even harder, and it is critical that we head into it with a strong financial base. You can help by joining the club by committing a minimum of $300, or making a donation, at the club’s new donation page:

All commitments are tax deductible via the Australian Sports Foundation

Last Friday, at the urging of Scotch College Director of Sport Stuart Powell and OSCA Executive Director Scott Montgomery, the club held a Zoom Video conference session with the Scotch College Class of 2020. As someone who looks back at his final year of school with great fondness one cannot help but share sympathy for anyone doing their VCE this year, and missing out on so many of the milestone events associated with it.

I was delighted to join Vice President Jeff Halsall, Director of Football Donald McDonald, General Manager Peter Simpson, Senior Men’s Coach Mark Gnatt, Under 19 and Development Coach Bryce McGain and Men’s Senior Captain Gene van den Broek as we shared the story of the club with the boys. We look forward to welcoming them all to the club in 2021.

Below is another set of season 2021 coaching announcements. I am delighted to report that, under the leadership of Jeff Halsall and Donald McDonald, we will be heading into next year with a stable and united coaching team.

While footy has taken a hiatus, much still has been happening behind the scenes. Former senior coach Brendan Mason has been intimately involved driving a leadership program with the playing groups. Brendan is the founding Director of Same Page Cultures, a small leadership consultancy business.

His clients come from a diverse range of  organisations, and he works closely with their leaders and teams to align people with the strategy to achieve high performance results. His mantra is ‘With Great Leadership Anything is Possible.’ He believes that when leaders are highly aligned and engaged with their people, then strong positive relationships, high-performance, results, and a vibrant culture will quickly follow.

He is an accredited leadership coach and group facilitator who can quickly engage participants. Brendan has returned to the club to work closely with its coaches, on field leaders and their teams, and would be happy to work with anyone involved with the club in a professional capacity. He can be contacted via email at 


OSFC 2021 Football Appointments

The Old Scotch Football Club is delighted to announce the following coaching appointments for our centenary year in 2021.

Women's 2nd XVIII Coach: Josh Richards
Josh Richards has been reappointed as the Women’s 2nd XVIII Coach for the 2021 season. Josh did a lot of ground work in preparing us for a 2nd women’s team in 2020 however due to COVID-19 did not get the chance to see him to ply his new trade on match day. Josh was the inaugural captain of our Men’s under 23 team in 2019. 
Men's Under 23 Coach: David Hooper
David Hooper has been reappointed as the Men’s Under 23 Coach for the 2021 season. He worked hard in preparation for 2020 however due to COVID-19 did not get the chance to see his work rewarded on match day. Hoops is an experienced football person (and former OSFC player) and a long-time supporter of the club, having boys who played and still do play for the club.
Men's 3rd XVIII Coach: Brian Cain
Brian Cain has been reappointed as the Men’s 3rd XVIII Coach for the 2021 season. Cainy did a lot of work in preparation for 2020 however due to COVID-19 did not get the chance to see his work rewarded on match day. Cainy is a former Old Scotch player and long-time supporter of the club. Cainy has a wealth of experience across the football landscape.
Men's Under 19 Premier Assistant Coach: Craig Lovett
Craig Lovett has been reappointed as Assistant Coach for the Under 19 Premier team in 2021. Craig was appointed for 2020 however due to COVID-19 did not get the chance to perform his match day role. He has done a great job ‘off field’ in the role and brings a wealth of experience. Craig joined the club from Waverley Blues in the EFL, where he assisted Bryce McGain, our current Under 19 Premier Coach.
Rehabilitation Manager: Pat Arceri
Pat Arceri has been reappointed as the club’s Rehabilitation Manager for the 2021 season. He was appointed for 2020 however due to COVID-19 did not get the chance to see the results of his rehab work with our players, on match day. Pat has done a great job in the role so far and worked as part our medical team previously, as well as being a very handy footballer in his day.

Tim Shearer
President Old Scotch Football Club 


Roving Mike with Angus (Steve) McQueen:  Platinum Corporate Partner, Foundation Member

Gus, you share a lot in common with Hollywood screen legend Steve McQueen. Apart from sharing the same name and great looks, you like fast cars, have great dress sense and the girls….just adore you. But on the 25th October 2008, just 17 years after leaving Scotch 91’ you married your wife Sara. What happened?

I fell in love, and have now have three daughters!


Not one to sit still, you founded the McQueen Financial Advice business in 1994, to oversee & manage the financial affairs of select families. And from humble beginnings, you now run a thriving business from the 21st floor @ 357 Collins Street in the heart of the financial precinct overlooking the Yarra. Do you have naming rights and is there a helipad?

No and no, in normal times it’s is a great place to catch up with busy people who work in the city. I’m getting used to being at home now!


But you do have the naming rights at Camberwell, McQueen Stadium!Like many of our sporting precincts, they are named after legends of sport…The Ponsford Stand, Rod Laver arena, The Chappell Stand and perhaps our most decorated sports hero, The Sir Donald Bradman Pavilion. What sport were you famous for?

Absolutely nothing!


I noticed in your archives a photo of you with Greg Norman, and were told you actually could hit the ball further than him. Is that true, and is it also true that it was a 9 hole Par 3 course for celebrities.

He is a hero of mine! I’m on the Board of the Geoff Ogilvy foundation, and have an interest in the talented young golfers who we support.


 Does the name Gordon Gekko mean anything to you and do you like the odd cigar after closing a big transaction? 

You have to like the movie Wall Street! I had a cigar after the 2019 under 19’s premiership.


The McQueen Group turned 25 last year, and I was privileged to be asked To the birthday party. Your Father, Don gave us a stirring speech about not just the success of your business but an insight into the person in the chair. Here are some takes –   

“ Angus has always invested heavily in his staff and in return receives a wonderful level of loyalty from them. Staff turnover is minimal and when this does happen, they leave the company a better and more skilled person as a result of their stay”.

“This closeness and caring is fundamental in everything the company stands for, and it is this culture to help families achieve their financial goals which sets the McQueen group apart from the other pundits”

There are givers and there are takers in this world. Your company is a Platinum Corporate Partner and has been for some years now, a foundation member, you play an active role on the board, you always attend games despite the fact you have a young family and you have a stable of Old Scotch Players on your pay roll. Yet nothing fazes you. How do you do cope and what does a typical week look like for you during a normal season?

It’s fair to say the weeks normally go pretty fast! The kids lead you to many fun situations and constantly meeting new faces. Having a balance of interests & enjoying life all the way through, not just when you retire. 


Would it be fair to say you are loyal and assuming the answer is yes, what does that mean to you?

Yes, and the more effort you put in to your relationships within the things you are interested in the more you get in return - and I very much mean that from a personal enjoyment point of view.


Given how much you do for the Club, how can we ever thank you? You mentioned in your corporate preamble that you are passionate about helping families achieve their financial goals. What does that mean?

We look at a family’s whole situation. Asset growth, tax planning, lending and Protection. People often believe they can’t contact me until everything with their financial affairs is perfect. This delays their contact for many years, possibly never making contact. I can add the most value when there are issues that you want to confidentially talk to someone about.


Are there any minimum requirements you require for couples to approach you for advice and what about established families? 

I welcome any contact from our network, Especially if you have something on your mind. 


When it comes to loyalty Gus you are royalty! Thank you for taking the time to participate in this interview.

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Crackers Chronicles. This week we focus on our 1932 premiership players .

Click here to read the full story of our 1933 premiership stars... 

 Next week we will look at our premiership players of 1934.

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The OSFC Player Support Program
Its timely to remind members that the club has a Player Support Program to assist players, coaches, volunteers and paid-up club members who might be experiencing difficulties at this particular time.

The Old Scotch Player Support Program, or PSP, is a club organised and funded program for its players and paid-up members. The purpose of our PSP is to offer a free service (having been funded by your club) to help you deal with a personal, work-related, or other problems that might be impacting your performance, productivity, general health and/or well-being, or if you are struggling to manage symptoms of stress or other psychological problems such as:
• Bereavement/Grief
• Stress, or conflict
• Addiction
• Adjustment/life transition issues
• Self Esteem
• Depression and/or Anxiety

We have a pre-arranged agreement with the professional provider whereby you are able to access short-term counselling services with a psychologist at no cost to you. Your identity will remain strictly confidential.

Please contact (03) 9809 1000 to book an appointment. Be sure to quote that you are seeking PSP and they will match you up with a suitable Psychologist based on your needs (presenting issue, availability, preference of age, gender, etc).
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