October 2 - 2020

Vol. LXVII No.14

President's Report

With Melbourne case numbers continuing to decline we all hope to see a return to recognisable life in the not too distant future. Planning for the 2021 season is well underway and I am delighted to announce that the current committee has pledged their support to continue the fantastic work they have been doing next season (subject to their reappointment) to make sure the club is in the strongest position it can be to celebrate our Centenary.

As I have previously mentioned, all coaches are ready to go, and are in constant communication with the players to make sure they too are fit and ready to play Premier A Grade Football. Based on our recent success, the Club is actively looking to identify players from other competitions who will compliment our current list and who are committed to supporting our culture. We also looking forward to welcoming in the next generation of players from our feeder Schools and Clubs, MLC, Scotch, Camberwell High and the Sharks Junior Football Club.

Centenary Plans

The Club’s centenary plans are taking shape. We hope to welcome Old Melburnians to Scotch College during the mid-year school holidays and host a post-match event at the School. We are also looking to partner with OMs, who had the misfortune to ‘celebrate’ their century in this of all years, in a number of other initiatives which will take shape over the next few months. As soon as things are confirmed (at least as much as they can be in the current environment!) we will be sure to communicate more information with you.

A centenary sub-committee has been formed, comprising representatives from both clubs. To assist make these celebrations all that they can be we are seeking OSFC Centenary Decade Representatives (2 per decade) to rally the troops and engage with former teammates. If you are interested in being a decade representative, please email Sandra Dick at sandra.dick@scotch.vic.edu.au


Darcy Byrne-Jones (SC 2012) selected in All Australian Team

All involved at the club congratulate Darcy Byrne-Jones upon his selection in the AFL All Australian tem this year. It was due recognition for the player that Darcy has become since being drafted to Port Adelaide in 2013 with pick 52.

Darcy made his AFL debut in the third round of the 2016 AFL season, kicking his first goal with blood running down his face due to a previous collision with a teammate and he won a NAB Rising Star nomination in Round 10 of the 2016 AFL Season.

Darcy had a breakout season in 2019, finishing second in Port Adelaide's best and fairest award. He continued this form this year, earning his first All-Australian selection.

Darcy, who played in the 7C team at Scotch all those years ago, is a great example to everyone that the harder you work, the luckier you get, and that if you really commit to something, you can make it by following your own path. Despite all of this, Darcy is perhaps most famous for being OSFC dynamo Chenie’s older brother!

McQueen Park Pavilion Refurbishment Update

The City of Boroondara reports that progress continues to be made with the refurbishment of both pavilions at McQueen Park, despite the stage 4 restrictions. The City of Boroondara advises that the minor pavilion is expected to be completed prior to 31 January 2021 and the major pavilion should be completed by 28 February 2021.

This edition of the Drumsheet is dedicated to those who have contributed to the club in this most trying of seasons. On behalf of the entire Club, I would like to personally thank our members for their overwhelming support. It is in these challenging times that you get to truly understand who has your back and I am proud to say that because of our members, the Club can now look forward to our centenary year with some certainty.

In this instance, it is very much a case of the total well exceeding the sum of the parts not the other way around and our members should be applauded for their loyalty. They have not flinched with our calls for support even though many are going through their own personal challenges.

On behalf of your committee, who I believe have done an outstanding job navigating the unprecedented conditions thrown up in 2020, I take the opportunity to thank each and every Cardinal listed at the bottom of this email who have financially supported the club in 2020.

Farewell Fothers

I would like to extend an enormous vote of thanks to Mark ‘Fothers’ Fotheringham, Peter Growse and Malvern Physiotherapy for their services for the care they have taken with our players over the last 10 + years. Mark is an absolute gentleman who sincerely cares for the welfare of those entrusted to his care.

He has organised our match day and training physios for over a decade and we sincerely thank him and his team and wish them all the best for the future. Mark will spend more time focusing on his thriving Malvern physiotherapy practice, which I hope goes well for him. We look forward to seeing a relaxed Fothers on match days with his family.

The Club is presently in a thorough process of appointing a new Medical Physiotherapy Service provider to partner with in 2021 and beyond to resource our growing number of male/female teams and players.

The definition of a dynasty is a succession of people who are from the same family that play a prominent role in society. The Americas had the Kennedys, Russia the Romanovs, the United Kingdom, the house of Windsor and Old Scotch, the Dicks with a special mention to the Thompson brothers.

Do you live in a castle and who is the head of state? You or David?
Old Scotch Football Club has been a huge part of our family for the last 20 years. I’m not sure you would call it a dynasty but McQueen Park is a second home to the family and is where we see our kids the most. Isn’t every home a castle? Do you actually need to ask who rules the Kingdom of Dicks? Of course it’s the only female!

Apart from the Daniher brothers, it is almost unheard of to have four brothers play at the same club at the same time let alone in the same game. It is my understanding from a reliable source that your sons once all played together in our reserves team on 15th June, 2013. Is that true?
They were all named on the Thursday night but unfortunately there was an injury in the firsts and Hamish was called into the firsts. However, during that game, there was a famous passage of play that was Dick to Dick to Dick which ended in a Goal. We have certainly had some great moments with different boys playing boys in different teams. George coaching with Henry captain reaching a reserves Grand Final was a special day.

I mentioned earlier the Thompson brothers, Nic, Sam & Lachie who played a lot of football in the same era. Do you remember them ever playing together?
I recall one game against Uni Blues at Uni Blues where a majority of them were all playing. We came from around 40 points down during the third quarter to win….it was a fantastic game that the Thompsons/Dicks and the club really enjoyed.

Are you aware that since 2002 your sons, Simon, Hamish, George and Henry have played a total of 510 games which is a club record and between the two families 992 games? Have you ever thought of having a reunion? Now that is what I call a dynasty! And you are not done with yet either as Henry, or should I say Bubsy, is still playing.
510 games! The boys are very close with the Thompson’s and I’m sure they catch all the time. This shows the value of being involved in a footy club for so long and I’m sure both families have so many friends for life from playing so many games. Can you imagine how many end of season footy trips I’ve had to stress over! Not to mention all of the washing and scones.

Henry has played 184 games, the most of all his siblings. Is he keen to continue, and do you think he can reach that 200 game milestone and life membership? Why do they call Henry Bubsy?
Henry loves the footy club so it would be wonderful if he can make those 200 games. I remember Henry would always be dragged along to watch the older boys so it’s nice that they can now watch him play. Who would have predicted no games this year!  Simon’s friends at school started calling Henry Bubsy as the youngest of the boys when he started Prep. When Simon came back to the club in 2013 to play with Henry, the nickname Bubsy stuck with all of his teammates.

You must be so proud of them all. Remember the hit series Dallas? If David was Jock Ewing, and you were Miss Ellie, does that make George J.R? When you think about it, it is quite unusual for siblings to follow in each other’s footsteps. Normally, one drifts away or loses interest or finds something else. I am told that David played rugby when he was a young man. Did any of the boys consider rugby? And what about music Sandra? Wasn’t that your passion?
David played and coached soccer and the boys first played soccer on arriving in Melbourne.  They enjoyed it but thrived once they started school and played AFL – they were passionate about club and school footy and following their own AFL team. Growing up, Saturdays were school sport and Sundays Hawthorn Citz footy – very happy days. I studied music at university and the boys learnt an instrument in Junior School but their passion was sport – I happily gave in.

Something a lot of people would not know about you is that it is your ambition to run a marathon in every country in the world ! How are you going with this, and what role does David play in getting you to the finish line? Does he use a megaphone?
David’s run 18 marathons and I’m up to 10 – still work to be done! I’ve completed the 6 World Major Marathons and now running a marathon in all 7 Continents. Was 5 days from leaving to complete the 7th and run Antarctica when Covid cancelled it. My dream is still to complete this and get the 7 Continents medal – sadly could be a while away now. David doesn’t use a megaphone but always on the course and at the finish line – in Boston he was standing between the 2 bombs as I ran down Boylston Street to finish. George was with me for New York Marathon and Henry for Berlin Marathon.

For almost two decades you have been following your sons play football. Now that is what I call devotion. But your devotion extends well beyond attending watching a game of football. You and David are always there to lend a hand setting up the dining room for our match day lunches, and afternoon teas. Then there is the committee, and what about next year and the centenary celebrations that you are in charge of! How do you do it?
We happily give back to the club that has given so much to our sons. Friendships for them and us are an incredible part of belonging to OSFC. We have a lot of exciting function planned for the big Centenary year. It will be great to bring people back to the club and celebrate all things OSFC.

Final question. I know you are both very humble, but your entire family have done so much for the club over the past 20 years on and off the field, do you think the Club should create a life membership award for families?  Because if ever a family deserves that status it is the Dicks, and let’s face it, football is a team sport.
The Dick family feel so lucky to have been part of such a great club. The highs and lows of wins, losses and team selections are character building for all. Let’s keep Life Membership for the wonderful deserving players.

Thank you for your time. 


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