Message from The President
What an unprecedented time we are currently experiencing. March 2020 started as a normal month and has ended as anything but.

It’s times like these that people come together in their communities to help each other through the challenges. To strengthen our professional networks when support is so critical, we are upgrading the OBA website Business Directory.  The new Business Network Hub should be complete next week, providing a platform to promote your services, provide member incentives and help colleagues across all industries. We can all do our bit to support each as the effects of this downturn are felt.

To address the risks to our aged and vulnerable members, the OBA has quickly established a COVID-19 Assistance Response Effort (CARE). Meals prepared by The Subiaco Hotel are frozen and delivered to members who are unable to or disinclined to go shopping due to the risk of coronavirus.

We have already cancelled three events; an Unforgettables Reunion, the Annual Beverley & Districts OBA Dinner and the Old Boys’ Annual Golf Day. We will continue to monitor government directives and the impact they have on other future OBA events planned for the second half of the year.

In the meantime, stay safe and look after your families and yourselves.

Tom Nattrass ('93)
OBA President
With the elderly at risk of COVID-19 and Government advice restricting food shopping, the OBA committee responded promptly to meet the needs of our oldest old boys constrained at home. With support from Lawson Douglas and Dave Allen (both from the cohort of 2000) at The Subiaco Hotel, a home delivered meal program was established. The Covid-19 Assistance Response Effort (CARE) provides for old boys, with the aim of helping the vulnerable and reducing their exposure to the virus. Delivery of the food parcels commenced this week and will continue for the next three weeks. The response from recipients has been incredibly positive. For details regarding this initiative please contact the Alumni Office on 9442 1528 or email  
A special shout out to old boy scientists and professionals in the medical field responding at the coal face to COVID-19. This month we shine the spotlight on Joondalup Health Campus where Duncan McLellan (’83), Gar Hing Lee (’03) and Jono Chambers (’01) work as infectious diseases physicians, along with Chris Shenton (’83), Pharmacist, Matt Wright (‘90), Contract Manager and Kempton Cowan (’83) hospital CEO.

The OBA would like to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of all old boys responding to this pandemic and encourage you to share your workplace achievements, coping strategies and good news stories. Please send a photo/video and update to for our June issue of the OBA Newsletter.


Christ Church Grammar School in the time of polio
During these challenging times, it pays to look back on the past to remind ourselves that we have faced challenges before and have adapted and thrived. During the 1950s WA was in the grip of a polio outbreak.

Polio is an insidious virus that could cause permanent paralysis, and in rare cases, death. 

The 1954 Mitre School Notes opine, ‘The year began rather badly. Much to the disappointment of the boys, all swimming in the river was curtailed on account of the polio epidemic. Due to immediate restrictions enforced by the School and parents, there were no cases of polio from this school throughout the whole epidemic. The House swimming sports were held on Tuesday, 9 March, at the South Fremantle Baths, where there was no danger from polio.’  The epidemic returned to WA in 1957, but similar restrictions were put in place to combat the spread. 

Today polio is all but eradicated thanks to a global public health effort and the development of a vaccine. Let’s take comfort in the fact that history is famous for repeating itself.

Guy Mouritz and Matt Hawksworth find opportunity in a pandemic
Guy Mouritz and Matt Hawksworth, both from the Class of ’96, talked at length at their 20-year reunion about Guy’s vision to build Australia’s first floating entertainment/tavern licensed for 600 people. For the next two years their combined efforts to secure investors for the BargeCo project were unsuccessful due to a depressed Western Australian economy, particularly in hospitality. 

Keenly observing the disastrous effects of COVID-19 in other countries, Guy saw another opportunity that utilised his contacts in the catering industry. “By the end of February I saw what was coming and wanted to help people prepare,” said Guy. “I had food suppliers associated with my work setting up BargeCo. I joined the dots to create a way of helping suppliers hold their business while also delivering food to people in their homes.”  

Guy’s new venture, Prepared Store, was born - once again supported by Matt. “One of the reasons people panic-buy is they have no idea how much food is needed, how to store it and how to prepare it. This is the problem we solve with Prepared Store with basic tinned packs and freeze-dried meals;  there is no guesswork, just meals that are designed to cater for daily calorie requirements and variations to suit different budgets.” 

“Seeing so many older people in the shops missing out on basic food motivated me to find an online solution and home delivery service. The caterers are also providing a range of freshly prepared, then frozen, meal options.” 

“Delivery was negotiated with Australia Post who were very helpful setting up an account even though I had no volumes or trading history: they could see I was trying to solve a real problem.”  

Matt manages the picking and packing part of the operation as we order in the bulk supplies and sort them into their individual orders ready for the couriers to collect. “Matt is a very good promoter with an extensive network, always able to make positive connections with everyone he meets,” said Guy. Matt was, of course, ready for another adventure! 

Guy has severe asthma so has moved to Hyden for the duration of the crisis, joined by his fiancé who has built a business managing digital marketing campaigns and marketing plans for small business. “I manage orders, suppliers and deliveries, then Matt takes over in the Bibra Lake warehouse with packing and dispatch.”

For further information visit

Past Boarders' Lunch
Close to 100 old boys gathered in Sandover Dining Hall in March (just ahead of the social distancing advice) for a past boarders’ lunch. Early birds took the opportunity to tour the boarding houses under the excellent guidance of resident students. The tour reinforced that a boarding experience continues to build character and camaraderie, while offering a generous supply of hot water for showers. 

Following a welcome by current OBA Country Representative Trevor Badger (’83), the Principal and Head of Boarding provided an update on the current status of the School and the boarding program.  

The lunch, which was by far the best meal many had ever had in Sandover, was proudly accompanied by Howard Park wines and beer from the Lucky Bay Brewery in Esperance. Thank you to the old boys who generously extended a special price point for the occasion. 

The event carried on for many at the Claremont Yacht Club, where boarding house shenanigans and reminiscences received further embellishment.  

Given the attendance levels and positive feedback on the proceedings, I suspect a past boarder luncheon will become a far more regular event on the calendar.  

 Robert Fletcher (’76)

Christ Church celebrates 110 years
In February 1910, Rev W J McClemans opened Christ Church Preparatory School on the corner of Queenslea Drive and the Perth-Fremantle Road. The passing of 110 years was celebrated with all students at the commencement of the 2020 academic year, with Trevor Badger (’83) reflecting on the significant contribution of old boys throughout the School’s history. 

With the boys now learning remotely, connected by technology as they remain at home during this period of social distance, it is remarkable to consider how far we have come.      

“In this, our 110th birthday year, I was looking forward to a celebration... and indeed we will have something to celebrate when we all come through this current situation that is having a significant global impact,” said School Principal, Alan Jones. “We look forward to welcoming you back to the campus, to the events that are successful because of alumni involvement, to the reunions and networking, and to the community of which you are such a significant part of,” he said.

Old boys receive Fulbright Scholarship
Three old boys have been awarded a 2020 Fulbright Scholarship, being the largest educational exchange scholarship program in the world aimed at increasing binational research collaboration, cultural understanding and the exchange of ideas. Michael Lukin (’15), Liam Kearney (’13) and Guy Coleman (’11) travelled to Canberra recently to receive the honour at Parliament House. Please visit for full details, acknowledging the respective talents of these highly successful young old boys.
Old Boys' Assocation Scholarship
One-hundred percent of school tuition fees for six years! Sounds like a lottery prize, but it is true.
The Arch Campbell Memorial Scholarship is now taking applications for any student entering Year 7 in 2021. This scholarship is made possible by philanthropic donations from our school community, administered by the Old Boys’ Association Scholarship Trust. 

For more information about the scholarship please click here. 

Further background on Arch Campbell can be read here. 

A long rein for Sukbin Song (’91)

A Year 7 student has eclipsed the long-standing swimming records of Sukbin Song (’91) in the Under 13 age group. Jackson Anderson swum 50m Backstroke in the time of 32.08 to create a Quads record, breaking Sukbin’s time of 32.52. Anderson went on to break the Inters record with a time of 32.09. 

The same young man equalled Sukbin’s 50m Butterfly record of 31.15 at the House Carnival, then proceeded to break it by swimming 30.24 at the Quads, followed by a new Inters record time of 30.02. Sukbin’s Under 14 Butterfly and Breaststroke record are considered safe for the moment. 

“It was great to see how fast the kids are swimming now and to acknowledge our legacy with trophies named after Lachlan Lidbury (’90) and Chris Lapinski (’89),”commented Sukbin.

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