As events roll out in Perth over the coming few months, old boys living beyond WA are joining the celebrations online and sorting interstate class reunions in a determined effort to participate. Thanks for going to such lengths to close the distance. Despite the turbulence of COVID-19 it is reassuring to connect with the OBA network socially and professionally. The Old Boys’ Annual Lunch, with over 125 old boys attending, was an example of the good fortune we currently enjoy in Perth, with great reviews as indicated below. 

OBA Life Members are encouraged to join the Old Boys’ Association AGM on Thursday 29 October and the OBA Annual Sundowner on Thursday 19 November as Tom Nattrass (’93) steps down from his three-year term as President. The Sundowner is a favourite for all ages and a great opportunity to rally your classmates and invite your partner.
We have been refining our digital communication strategy to bring news, events and networking opportunities to you through the OBA Facebook Page and LinkedIn Page. Follow us for updates and the soon to be announced addition of two old boys to the Old Boy ‘Legend’ series.

As always, we welcome your news and look forward to sharing your milestones.  

Deborah Hill 
Alumni Co-ordinator


 Friday 16  Class of 1995 - 25 Year Reunion in Perth and 
 Thursday 29   OBA Annual General Meeting
 Thursday 5   Senior School Assembly hosted by the OBA
 Friday 13           Class of 1990 - 30 Year Reunion
 Thursday 19          Annual OBA Sundowner for Life Members and 
 Friday 27            Class of 2019 - Linga On
 Wednesday 9   Unforgettables Christmas Lunch
 Friday 11         Class of 2000 - 20 Year Reunion
 Friday 18  Class of 2010 - 10 Year Reunion
The Old Boys’ Annual Lunch held at the Claremont Football Club was a great success, with Charlie Watson (’00) drawing a large crowd as guest speaker in his capacity as Director of Fair Game. Tim Connell (’11), Daniel Prior (’04) and Cameron Agnew (’93) shared their thoughts (below) about catching up with mates, networking and their interest in hearing old boy speakers. Read more... 


The OBA is keen to showcase the amazing and varied pursuits of members through our social media pages. Do you have industry insights to share? Would you like to strengthen networking opportunities? What are your recent personal or career achievements? Click here to share updates of yourself or a colleague for our social pages.

The recent Class of ‘76 gathering was bigger than Ben Hur!  The largest - not just in girth - galaxy of cohorts ever gathered in South Perth recently for our six-monthly get-together. Clearly the word is getting out that these regular events are fun and full of comradery! Thoughts were with those overseas and interstate who could not attend because of the pandemic - we do hope to see you next year! Rob Fletcher ('76) 

A combined schools’ Student Wellbeing Forum was enhanced by the support of Christ Church old boys as group facilitators. Special thanks to Felix King (’17), Amitabh Jeganathan (’18), Akio Ho (’18), Ed Elias (’19), Brodie Wicks (’19), Marcus Handley (’19) and Ben Davison-Petch (’19) who worked with current students on the leadership and empowerment program. “It was a privilege to welcome the return of these fine young men who helped strengthen the program with their experience, skills and empathy,” said the Director of The Wynne Centre for Boys’ Health and Well-being, Liam Casson. Image courtesy of Felix King Photography.

You are invited to join the Christ Church Grammar School Community choir; an open ensemble including parents/relatives of students, old boys, Christ Church staff and people within the wider school community – anyone can join! As an ensemble the choir perform the Christmas repertoire at the  Christ Church Grammar School Advent Service with the student Senior Choir on Wednesday 2 December. Two additional ‘feature’ items are performed as an adult choir. Rehearsals take place from 12:45pm-1.20pm in the School's Music Department, once a week, along with some social evening rehearsals as the service draws closer. Please email Rhiannon Hodgson or Stephanie Balfour if you would like to join. 


Alexander Montanari (’15) has developed an alternative to the traditional vegetable patch, with a small scaled controlled environment designed for households. Using an app or web interface, the system allows growing all year round regardless of season or climate and is an ideal educational resource for students. 

Joshua Sumura (’11) is currently studying in Tokyo, Japan, under the Victorian State Government’s Hamer Scholarships program. This program seeks to create and promote more trade, commerce, economic, and networking ties for the bilateral relationships between Victoria and Japan while studying the language at Waseda University. 

Lachie Bissett (’08) is expanding his bakery to North Fremantle following the success of his established stores in Cottesloe and South Fremantle and demand for French provincial inspired bread, pies and cakes.

Leigh Travers (’03) is a blockchain consultant gaining media attention in relation to Bitcoin’s shift in value following the initial COVID-19 crash.  Leigh offers advice to businesses and cryptocurrency investors.

Nigel Metz’s (’94) Esperance brewery, Lucky Bay, won Best Draught Lager at the Perth Royal Show beer awards. The 4% Lockdown Dark Lager, which was launched during the coronavirus pandemic, was described as “a light yet indulgent beer to help you through the COVID-19 times”.  

Omar Khorshid (’91) has been elected National President of the Australian Medical Association and widely quoted in relation to COVID-19, health funding and aged care.    

Rob McKenzie (’70) has been reappointed to the Federal Government Take Overs Panel for a third term, each term being of three years duration. Rob also sits on the State Government Keystart Loans Board.


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