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A design concept for the exciting new auditorium has been developed with our architects and displayed at the AGM as well as at parent and staff meetings. The fundraising campaign was launched on 13 May by founding parent and former Board Chair, Merv Hodge. Please help us to turn these plans into reality by making a tax deductible donation to the building fund.

A resident of Australia, whether an individual, partnership, trust or company, has to lodge an annual income tax return which brings to account gross income, as defined by the Income Tax Assessment Act and from that is deducted allowable deductions as set out in the Income Tax Assessment Act. The difference between gross income and allowable deductions is referred to as taxable income. A donation is tax deductible if it is given to a charity that has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) organisation. Such a deduction reduces your taxable income (and adjusted taxable income) and thereby the amount of tax you pay. It may also affect eligibility for certain Government benefits.

The financial year ends on June 30. After the end of the financial year you need to prepare your income tax return. This should include any tax deductions that you’re eligible to claim for donations. During the financial year keep your receipts as proof of the donations that you make and keep this with your other income tax return documentation.

To receive a deduction the donation must be two dollars or more and must be claimed in your tax return for the income year in which the donation was made. You should also be able to elect to spread the tax deduction over five income years.

Reasons you may want to make an election to spread tax deductions over multiple years can include:

  • Avoiding creating a tax loss if the deduction is claimed in one income year.
  • To claim the deduction in years of higher income.

You must make the election in the approved form before lodging your tax return for the income year in which the gift was made. The election must start in the year the gift was made and can continue for up to four of the years immediately following. For more information visit the ATO's gifts and donations webpage.

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