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Kevin Darmody (1975)
Friday, May 5
Our deepest condolences go to the family of Kevin Darmody (1975) who passed away last week at Kennedy Bend Campground in Queensland, as a result of a tragic...
Amy (Donovan) Phillips (1992)
Tuesday, March 14
It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Amy Phillips (née Donovan) on 18 February 2023. Amy has always been a great member of the Daramalan...
Adrian Calear (1987)
Wednesday, March 1
The Daramalan community mourns the loss of Adrian Calear (1987), who passed away on December 29, 2022. Adrian is remembered by his teacher Wendy Wade as...
Jacky (Martyn) Vojticek (2001)
Wednesday, March 1
Daramalan College honours the memory of Jacky Vojticek (Martyn), who sadly passed away after a battle against blood cancer.

Miss Frances Walker
Thursday, March 9
Many of our older Alumni would remember Miss Walker (Baker) who taught in the Primary School during the early 70s. Sadly she passed away last month leaving...
Nicholas Clarke (1977)
Tuesday, December 6
Unfortunately I need to announce the death of another, Nicholas Clarke from 1977. Nick died on October 30th leaving behind his wife Linda and five children....
Mrs Pat Smith
Thursday, March 9
Pat’s daughter, and ex-Dara girl Moira Hoppe, has advised me that there will be a memorial gathering to honour and reflect upon the wonderful life...
Mrs Jean Reid
Thursday, March 9
In the 20 or so years I’ve been involved with the Daramalan Alumni, I have often had the sad duty to inform you of the passing of one of our members....
Trevor Forner (1985)
Thursday, March 9
We said goodbye to Trevor Forner from the Class of 1985, who was also a recent resident of the South Coast. Trevor passed away on 12 August and his funeral...
Chris Nicholls (1971)
Monday, August 22
Chris Nicholls (Class of 1971) died suddenly on Sunday 7 August in the town of Merimbula where he worked as the manager of the Visitor Information Centre....
Simon Woolrych (1971)
Thursday, March 9
t is always tough to announce the death of another of our Alumni, especially one who devoted his life helping keep Australia secure. Simon Woolrych, Class...
Maddy Marshall (2013)
Wednesday, March 8
It is my sad duty to let you know of the passing of one of our more recent alumna. Madeline (Maddy) Marshall, from the Class of 2013, passed away last...
Craig Sheehan (1980)
Saturday, April 2
It is with great sadness that I need to share news of the passing of a member of the Daramalan family.
Craig Sheehan, Class of 1980, aged just 59, passed...
Peter Marshall (1973)
Sunday, January 30
It is with a heavy heart I have to inform you of the passing of Peter Marshall.
COVID-19 seems to have touched all our lives over the past two years...
Paul O’Callaghan (1974)
Sunday, January 30
1974 School Captain Paul O’Callaghan died tragically in Sydney last week. He was just 65. The O’Callaghan family of four boys comprising John...
Passing of ex-teacher
Tuesday, September 5
Many of our older Alumni will no doubt remember Br John George who went on to become Fr John George. Sadly he passed away last week aged just 73. He had...
Mathew Taylor (2007)
Tuesday, July 25
More sad news I'm afraid. april 2017 saw the passing of Matthew Taylor from 2007. Matt had been ill for many years needing a lung transplant but unfortunately...
Passing of Brendan Ryan
Tuesday, June 20
Sadly another student from our early years has passed on. Brendan Ryan from 1976 succumbed to cancer in Brisbane on 9 June 2017. Brendan left Daramalan...
Stephen Roberts (1993)
Wednesday, May 10
Our condolences are going to the family of Stephen Roberts, who passed away in January 2007. 
Passing of Kevin Conlon
Tuesday, April 4
Kevin Conlon from the Class of 1977, sadly passed away unexpectedly over the first weekend of April this year. His sister Christine works at Daramalan...
January was not a good month for the Dara Family
Wednesday, January 25
Sadly we lost two of our Alumni over January 2017. Lisa Roberts (1984) and Trish Foley (1991) passed away far too early. Coincidentally both Lisa and Trish...
Paul Tozer
Thursday, March 9

Passing of Paul Tozer

Sadly the ranks of our Alumni is getting smaller with the passing of Paul...
Passing of Brian Murray
Thursday, August 25
Sadly, Brian Murray from the Class of 1972, passed away in June. He was living just outside Bungendore and as yet, I have no further details of his death....
Melissa Walker
Friday, June 10
It is my sad duty to let you know of the passing of Mel Walker from the Class of 1989. Mel (now Dunbar) was the mother of Braydon, Cade and Keeley and...
Tony Brighton
Friday, May 13
Sadly another of our ex-students has passed away. Tony Brighton from the Class of 1974 died unexpectedly earlier this week, 11 May. Tony was a well respected...
Mrs Nesbitt
Monday, March 28
Many of you will no doubt remember one of Daramalan's early teachers Mrs Myfanwy Nesbitt. Sadly she passed away on Tuesday 22 March 2016. She was...
Kevin Abbey
Monday, February 29
Very sadly at about 2.50pm on Friday 26 February 2016, emergency services responded to reports of a motorcycle crash on the Hume Highway, about 20km north...
Mike Rothery
Monday, February 8
It's with great sadness that I advise of the passing of another of our Old Boys Mike Rothery from the Class of 1981. Mike had been battling serious...
Brendan Cleary
Friday, February 5
Regrettably, within the space of two days, another of our Old Boys has succumbed to cancer and has passed away. Brendan Cleary from the Class of 1977 died...
Stephen Dawson - 1978
Thursday, February 4
Regrettably 2016 has started on a very unhappy note for the Daramalan family. Many ex-students would remember with great fondness Peter and Ilse Dawson...
Passing of Ruth Dillon
Tuesday, August 18
It is with much sadness that I need to announce the passing of one of the Daramalan family from 1991.

Ruth Terracini (nee Dillon), lost her courageous...
Mr Phil Russell
Friday, June 5
Many ex-students would remember teacher Mr Russell who started at Daramalan in 1982. Sadly Phil died suddenly on Sacred Heart Day on 2 June. Coincidentally...
Passing of Brian Hourigan
Sunday, 18 May 2015
It is with much sadness that I need to inform the Daramalan family of the passing of yet another of our members. Brian Hourigan, from the Class of 1975,...
Passing of Michael Nunn
Monday, 20 October 2014
Sadly another of our members have passed away. Michael Nunn from 1969 died last month on the 18th of September. He passed away peacefully at home and the...
Passing of Mark Harrison
Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Myles Parker sadly reports that classmate Mark Harrison died of Motor Neuron disease in the first week of May this year.
I don’t have much more...
Passing of Sean McNamara
Wednesday, 9 July 2014
Classmate Sean McNamara died of Hodgkin Lymphoma on May 5. He had only been diagnosed with this affliction just four weeks previously. He was only 59 years...
Passing of Brenda McNamara
Tuesday, March 4
It is terribly sad to announce the passing of a classmate who had just turned 53. Unfortunately Brenda McNamara, who was one of the original girls to come...
Passing of Tony O'Shea
Monday, 24 February 2014
"Old Boy" Tony O'Shea from the Class of 1967 sadly passed away from a heart attack in Sydney on in the second last week of February 2014....
Passing of Mark Broomhead - Class of 1988
Wednesday, 18 December 2013
It is with much sadness I have to let our Alumni know of the passing of classmate Mark Broomhead from 1988.
Mark sadly died of cancer on Wednesday the...
Paul Muggleton - Class of 1972
Wednesday, 18 December 2013
It is with much sadness I have to let our Alumni know of the passing of our classmate Paul Muggleton from the class of 1972. Paul passed away from cancer...
Death of Mrs Yvonne Fortescue
Tuesday, November 5
Good morning
Just a quick email to let you know of the death of Mrs Yvonne Fortescue, who died last Sunday, 3 November.
Yvonne joined Daramalan...
Greg Walker - Class of 1969
Monday, 14 October 2013
Sadly Greg Walker, a much loved and respected member of the Class of '69, passed away last Thursday (10 October) after a battle with cancer. He was...
Michael Birggraaff - Class of 1989
Tuesday, October 8
Michael Burggraaff passed away 4/10/13 battling cancer. All who met Mick were struck by his positive attitude to everything with a lingering smile and...
Peter Spellman - Class of 1969
Tuesday, May 14
Another sad news item I'm afraid. Ex-student Peter Spellman from the Class of 1969 passed away last week aged 61 from cancer.
There were six boys...
Barry Leahy - Class of 1968
Sunday, 6 May 2013
For those members of the Alumni who were part of Daramalan's early years, you may have missed the news Barry Leahy (Class of 1968) died in January...
David McDermott 1968
Monday, March 11
Sadly another of our Alumni has sucumbed to the scourge of cancer. David McDermott from 1968 passed away on the morning of Monday 11 March 2013 after suffering...
Robert Ferrier - Class of 1982
Monday, February 18
Distressingly, I have to announce yet again, the passing of one of our Alumni, Rob Ferrier from 1982, who died suddenly in Melbourne on the 13th of February...
Passing of Stephen Whitelum (1982)
Tuesday, January 15
Vale Stephen.
It is with much sadness that I need to announce the death of Stephen Whitelum (Class of 1982) on Sunday 13 January 2013 on his 48th birthday....
Phil Crotty - Class of 1982
Thursday, 7 June 2012
It is with sadness that I announce the death of another ex-student, Philip Crotty from 1982.
Phil died on Tuesday 5 June and his funeral will be held...
Fr Val Patterson
Sunday, 4 June 2012
Ex-students from the mid eighties to the late 90s would remember Fr Val Patterson so it is with much sadness to announce his passing on 29 May this year....
Vale Ian Day - Class of 1970
Monday, 21 November 2011
It saddens me to announce the death of yet another of our Alumni, Ian Day from 1970.
Ian died unexpectedly on 15 November 2011 from what appears to...
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